what is NVTX in NCU cli profiling tool?
Can anyone please give me information about NVTX and how it is useful in profiling Cuda benchmarks using Nvidia Sights Compute.

Thank you.

NVTX is an API for annotating source code to see additional information about your application. In general, Nsight Systems has more visibility into NVTX annotations because they are CPU-side annotations. See here for more information User Guide :: Nsight Systems Documentation

To see detailed performance data of how a CUDA kernel runs on the GPU, you should use Nsight Compute, but NVTX won’t provide much additional information about the activity happening on the GPU.

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Though Nsight compute is providing detail information, but it is not time series . My requirement is to get time series data of gpu performance. Can you give me information about any other tool which provides same detailed data as Nsight compute and it is time series?

Thank you

I don’t know of a tool that provides the same detailed data as Nsight Compute and also time-series data. Nsight Systems has time-series GPU metrics that may be of use
User Guide :: Nsight Systems Documentation

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But Nsight systems is not providing low level metrics like l2 cache slice request, miss rate… etc., Is there any alternative for this ?
and can we add any options in nsights compute commands such that it provides time series data based sampling interval?

Correct, Nsight Systems does not have the same level of detail. There is no alternative I’m aware of at this time. Nsight Compute has time-series data on the roadmap as a feature request, but hasn’t announced any timeline for the release of a feature like this.

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