Object tracking system

I want to start a project (for Object tracking)
My plane has a fixed wing
Plan as follows:
I control my drone (at the same time it transmits a live video) and I select an object and the pilot will automatically track it.
I am using a Pixhawk Cube Orange with the Jetson Nano Kit (I will switch to a jetson xavier or tx2 at a later stage)
I connected Jetsun with Cube Orange using Mavproxy
For camera: I have fixed cameras and have several options, including the Intel® RealSense ™ Depth Camera D415 or webcam
Also, Camera Mount / Gimbal
Programming: I use Python
Algorithms: I’m still looking for an algorithm
Are there any suggestions and help to get started
thank you


Very interesting project

It can be a good starting point for the algorithm:

You may try DeepStream SDK. Please take a look at
Announcing DeepStream 5.0.1
Announcing new software update for DeepStream 5.1
NVIDIA Metropolis Documentation
On Jetson Nano developer kit, please start with deepstream-app .