Offload infiniband application to Bluefield2 DPU


I am new to Bluefield and DOCA. Please bear with me for the potentially naive questions.

My previous experience mainly includes programming Infiniband applications with libibverbs. Recently, I got access to some Bluefield2 chips. I want to see whether I could offload some message-processing tasks of my applications to the Bluefield DPU while the host still runs the major tasks. For example, host A sends a message to host B but some handshake communication for this message is handled by DPUs. However, it seems that the DOCA SDK document is mainly about DPDK processing ethernet packets. Is it possible for the current Bluefield2 to offload tasks of Infiniband applications? If it is, could anyone point me some related materials to start with? How should the process on host collaborate with the process on DPU?

Thanks in advance!

Hi PapaDi,

It is also my question. Did you find the answer of you question?