OpenAcc pragmas unknown to pgcc

I just download the “PGI accelerator for Fortran/C/C++ workostation”, install it according to the manual and then got a trial key for 15 days. I wrote some code using openacc pragmas and try to run the code using te command: pgcc -ta=nvidia -Minfo Laplace.c

Then I got errors like:
PGC-S-0037-Syntax error: Recovery attempted by deleting keyword kernel

I run the comand : pgcc -acc

and get: pgcc-Error-Unknown switch: -acc

Am I doing something wrong?
My OS is Linux 11.10 64bit

Kind Regards,

Hi Kyriakos,

The 12.5 trial license does include access to OpenACC. However, when you install, you must agree to the terms of the OpenACC Beta license before these features are enabled. I’m guessing that you accidental declined this agreement. To enable OpenACC, you will need to re-install and accept the Beta license agreement.

Hope this helps,