OpenCL forum?

Sorry, I don’t know where to ask this.

Where can we ask OpenCL questions?


I think a separate OpenCL subforum would be useful here.

I think that two OpenCL forums would be useful.

(1) OpenCL Install, Setup, Novice Questions and Issues, etc…
(2) OpenCL Developer, Code, API, Performance, etc…

Good luck getting NVIDIA to do that. They have a more or less open policy to hinder OpenCL adoption, so I doubt they would allocate resourced to even such a basic thing.

^ That’s good, I was wondering how well CUDA code would age. If we have Nvidia ruthlessly murdering competition, it means all the code I worked so hard on will live on :P

It also means that you’re married to the product of one vendor. Also, the aging of your CUDA code has little to do with OpenCL – if anything, more investment in OpenCL would make NVIDIA less prone to fail quick when the derplearning craze is over.

Lol I like “derplearning”.

Yeah, it does suck being married to one vendor. But I like CUDA’s abstraction level and the way it’s built. OpenCL burdens you with a lot of those tasks in ways that are unacceptable to me. Mind you, OpenCL is also much more general.

I’d much prefer AMD just have their own analog of CUDA.