OpenCL Profiling using nvvp - command line profiler

Hi All,

I am having NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti installed on Ubuntu 14.04.

I want to do OpenCL profiling using nvvp-Command line Profiler as per

For this, I have installed CUDA Toolkit 7.5 (since older version of CUDA supports command line profiling of OpenCL applications). This version supports nvvp - command line profiler as mentioned in Profiler User’s Guide - Confluence []

Also NVIDIA driver installed for GTX 1050 Ti - 375.26 as obtained from

Installation of driver and toolkit is successful but log file is not generated as mentioned in

Please help am I missing something.

Is there any other OpenCL profiling tool available for Nvidia cards.

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NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti is pascal card, it is supported since CUDA 8.0

So I’m afraid there will be some problem if you use CUDA 7.5 for this card.

Hi Veraj,

Thanks for the reply. Is there any other tool/process available through which I can do profiling of OpenCL application in NVIDIA GTX 1050 ti card.

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Hi, saloni.jain

Sorry, we do not have any tool for OpenCL profiling starting CUDA 8.0

Ok…Thanks for the reply