OPENCV on Jetpack 5.1

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I have installed Jetpack 5.1 on Jetson AGX Orin. Does Opencv 4.5 pre-built on Jetpack 5.1 support GPU? if not how can I install the GPU version since I cannot uninstall this version?


Van Tai

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I hope it is ok if I refer you to our Jetson specific forums with this question.



The prebuilt OpenCV from the sdkmanager does not have support for the GPU (CUDA). Please check this documentation on how to compile OpenCV from source code in Jetson boards: Compiling OpenCV from Source | OpenCV | RidgeRun - RidgeRun Developer Connection . Make sure to build with the flags “-D WITH_CUDA=ON” (and also if you require it the other flags WITH_CUDNN=ON, WITH_CUBLAS=ON, WITH_CUDNN=ON, OPENCV_DNN_CUDA=ON)

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