Openvx_tutorial in Jetson TX1 via qt creator

I am working on Computer Vision project where I am using Jetson TX1. i am new to Jetson and Openvx so I started learning it from Khronos Videos for that i cloned openvx_tutorials
to learn how it works, but when I build it on qt creator, it showed me an error : cannot find -lopencv_dep_cudart.
i connected with developer of this tutorial to ask the reason behind this error, but he said that he didnt use any opencv_dep_cudart library, it might be some requirements by Nvidia and i might have to add some dependencies in its Cmakelists file.
Can someone please help me how to get rid of this error. i am just trying to learn openvx programming thats why i started from here. if anyone has any suggestions how to learn openvx and how to build my own filter please let me know.
Very thanx to all in advance.

Hi Eyeshika,

I put some comments in another thread

We could discuss there or you may also reply in this one.

If the developer says he didn’t use any opencv_dep_cudart library, could you confirm with him if it uses cudart library?

opencv_dep_cudar is a known issue in opencv2.4.1x and looks resolved in opencv3.x.