Orbit vs OmniIsaacGymEnvs

Hello. I am trying to create the RL environment.
I will be using a custom robot in a custom environment.
Now I wonder which environment should I use, Orbit or OmniIsaacGymEnvs?
Which one is easier to use?
Which one will be supported for long term?
What are the pros and cons of using Orbit and OmniIsaacGymEnvs?
Thank you.

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Hi @berternats - I think the general definition for orbit and OmniIsaacGymEnvs can be found in the Discord link below:

Someone from our team will respond with more details

This is copied from the Discord Server

We are cognizant of the technical problems faced by the community in robot learning and are working towards unified solutions.

Omniverse Isaac-sim (primary parent product) enterprise grade simulation in robotics

  • Isaac-sim (standalone): this is not a thing. apologies if this was confusing.

IsaacGym - initial interface built to showcase physX with tensorAPI. Hence this was always a preview version. Importantly Isaac-Gym is not under development any more. This functionality is now in the IsaacSim. All future development and features will be in IsaacSim.

Omniverse Isaac-gym (OIGE)- Minimal samples to showcase that IG style tensorAPI is now available in IsaacSim.

Isaac Orbit- Batteries included framework to reduce barrier to entry. It serves a dual purpose:
(1) simplified interface for env design and support for many robotics workflows - RL, Motion planning, teleoperation, imitation learning/behavior cloning, and real robot operation. This unification is the USP of orbit as compared to other interfaces.
(2) Front end framework for prebuilt environments as benchmark examples. Examples similar to OIGE have already been tested in Orbit.

We note that many folks in the community are users of IsaacSim, creating new environments rather than physics solvers. Hence, we hope to provide Orbit to warm start it with prebuilt assets, and environment examples as benchmarks.

Importantly Orbit is designed such that it can accept community contributions with open licensing.
We hope that Orbit will be the environment zoo for IsaacSim with contributions from the community as well as internal development.

Orbit also has modified env interfaces. However, Orbit is open source, and users can modify & suggest change to these interfaces, as needed.
Further additional support to new features such as new RL/Motion Planning libraries can also be added through a PR by the community.

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Thank you so much!

It seems I should start with Orbit.

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