OSX 10.13.6 version 17G66 ??? what webdriver ?


I was busted by Apple’s update 10.13.6 0004, so I formated my macbookpro 2013 - GT750M - with OSX 10.13.6 02 installer.

But surprise, the number is 17G66, I cannot find anything on that version. I installed the webdrivers through GITHUB @Benjamin-Dobbel and the webdriver was installed.

I then installed the latest CUDA 418-105 and it looked good-> I could do an install cuda update through nvidia’s preference interface and got CUDA 418.163

but underneath it says : GPU Driver version 355. update required while the driver manager says I have the latest 355. ?!?

What would be the last best High sierra update where a webdriver version work magically ?

Thanks for your help and for this forum…


0/ Download on an external drive :

  • SecUpd2019-002HighSierra.dmg update taken from Apple’s download page (https://support.apple.com/downloads/2019-002HighSierra). this is the 2019-march-29 High Sierra update
  • Installer MacOS_High_Sierra 10.13.6 02
  • CUDA driver : cudadriver_418.163_macos.dmg
  • WebDriver-387.

1/ Format with Installer MacOS_High_Sierra 10.13.6 02 (use a bootkey -I used DiskCreator) (if you have problems finding this High Sierra installer, write to me)

CAREFULL, you will have to go QUICK on this one : you have about 20 seconds after login

  • When you arrive on the High Sierra desktop window the first time, immediatly deactivate wifi and/or connexion to internet -> immediatly go to the “preference system > App Store” and UNCHECK all updates !
    (Otherwise, it will connect to Apple servers, and you’ll get the 0004 update notification !)

2/ Copy on the desk the ‘SecUpd2019-002HighSierra.dmg’ (it would not install from another drive in my case), and then launch the update.

3/ After reboot, Install FIRST the CUDA driver - I know, it’s weird to do it that way)

4/ Reconnect wifi or internet connexion and go to the github website :


5/ Open terminal and copy and paste this line :

bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Benjamin-Dobell/nvidia-update/master/nvidia-update.sh) 387.

5/ Reboot

6/ You should have this

Hope this helps a few…