Pack NVIDIA drivers in rpm on SLES 15.2 from .run file

I have a task to pack all the files in rpm on SLES 15.2 which get installed after running
This rpm has to be used to install the drivers on other similar machines / systems.

I know that there is option to add precompiled kernel interface in the .run file but the logic behind the need of the rpm is that it is easy to trace the installed files on our system and to verify its integrity. Other than this, NVIDIA has also recommended Linux distros to release the drivers in their native packaging format.

I am expected to install drivers from .run file and then pack the files in rpm instead of taking the rpm coming from SUSE because there may be few bug fixes available in new version of .run file earlier than the rpm provided by SUSE.

Apart from this I am not very clear if the rpm is provided by NVIDIA or SUSE on this page - Index of /opensuse/leap/15.2/x86_64
Also I see multiple rpms listed on the above page.

Please help me by sharing information on how can I create a single rpm file containing all the needed files and which files will be needed here.