Package installion for jetson nano

as i am new bi on jetson far as i understand jetson nano come with python3.6 and jetpack 4.6.1 sdk card my question is what package should i download package which support jetpack 4.6.* or python 3.6.*.???

suppose i upgrade old python version to new python version in that case conflict arise.pytorch requirement satisfied from python side but jetpack 4.6.* does not support that pytorch version.what should i do???


For the Python package, you can download it with pip3.
The tool will find a compatible package based on your environment automatically.

If you need other Python versions for Nano, you might need to build some packages on your own.
For example, PyTorch and TensorFlow packages that we provide for the Jetson user.


Life will be so easy if I can do that,but I am working in very restrictive lab without internet connection so I have to manually install all the package and cop with many errors😅.

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