Packet Capture

I am looking to capture packets on a BlueField3, at maximum speed.

Would the best place to start be:

  • The Data Path Accelerator (DPA), with examples like L2 Reflector or All-To-All?
  • The DPA FlexIO examples, such as the Packet Processor?
  • Sending the packets to the arm cores?

Reccomendations on where to start would be appreciated. I am already somewhat familiar with the Doca Flow API.

Hi Francisco,

Thank you for posting your query on NVIDIA Community.

I would like to bring to your notice that Bluefield related topics require an active support entitlement in place if debug is needed.

To answer your question, generally, it would depend on the use-case or requirement that you are trying to accomplish, however, if the intent is to familiarize and check the capability, you can start with the DMA Copy as DOCA DMA (direct memory access) Copy application transfers files (data path), up to the maximum supported size by the hardware, between the DPU and the x86 host using the DOCA DMA Library which provides an API to copy data between DOCA buffers using hardware acceleration, supporting both local and remote memory.

DOCA DMA allows complex memory copy operations to be easily executed in an optimized, hardware-accelerated manner.