Paint - issue with apply to only selected mesh

In the paint window, the option to only select a mesh and apply the paint effect to it seems not to be working properly. No matter what I select, it always seem stuck on apply to all meshes. Is there a new step I’m missing to only apply to a selected mesh?

Hi @ShangoOmi! I am looking into this. I just tried to change my brush selection in my Create and encountered the same issue.

Great, thanks!

Hello @ShangoOmi! The development team has filed a ticket to fix this issue.: OM-52189 [Paint Tool] Unable to paint only on selected object. It looks like it has been fixed, it just need to pass QA and get pushed to the public branch.

I may have something to add here, trying to paint on an OBJ imported mesh of a DTM seems to not work either, even the original DTM surface from the “.BIM” in LumenRT for OV isn’t recognized. i should mention im working in both LRT and Create.

Original “.bim” file imported using LRT itwin
Create used for further enhancements (Cesium)

In the Create Model i imported an OBJ of the DTM as it is more detailed than the surface generated in the .bim model, the paint tool does not recognize the DTM mesh at all only basic flat and vertical elements in the scene for eg. The building roof and walls. the terrain mesh is ignored.