PARDISO - Sparse Matrix Solver

Does PGI have any plans to include the PARDISO solver (Intel´s MKL) into a new release of the PGI/AMCL library?



Hi Boris,

We don’t publish math libraries ourselves and don’t have plans to license the University of Basel’s PARDISO library. Note that this library is freely available for non-comercial use and for comercial use can be licensed directly from the university. If you are using an AMD processor, I’d consider obtaining PARDISO directly from the University of Basel since they have precompiled versions available for use with PGI and AMD. See:

Note, if you already have the MKL library, the PGI compilers should work fine with them. Although I personally have not used PARDISO, I have successfully linked with other MKL routines. However, I don’t know how well the libraries would work on an AMD system.

I’m not sure if AMD plans on licensing PARDISO. It might be more difficult since AMD’s ACML library is free and Intel’s MKL is not. Please feel free to contact AMD’s ACML developer forum at