Passing options to nvcc compiler on Eclipse


Also posted this on the Mac OS forums, but I guess this one has much more visibility and as the problem doesn’t seem platform related, I repost here for a faster answer

I’m trying to get an imaging problem writenn in c++ to work with some CUDA kernels to see if I can get a decent speed up. However, I get that infamous “error: support for exception handling is disabled”. Now, I know that I have to append --host-compilation c++ to the nvcc call, but I’m completely incapable of finding where to set that up in eclipse. Been googling for hours now, and despite always ending up in project options, I can’t see where to give compiling options to nvcc compiler, only find gcc/gcc++ ones.

Hopefully someone around here is better versed in Eclipse than me and can give me the solution.

Thanks in advance,


Are you using 2.3? If not, try upgrading to CUDA 2.3, that fixed the exception handling problem for me.

Didn’t fix it, getting the exam same problem. Can i pass options to the nvcc compiler in the makefile? That should fix it… It looks to me like it’s importing it’s options from, but with my limited knowledge, I can’t say for sure