Peer-to-peer communication in Dell T3600 Workstation

I have 2 Nvidia GTX550Ti cards that I am planning to install in a Dell T3600 Workstation. Does the motherboard in the T3600 allow performing peer-to-peer communication between the 2 GPU? I was unable to find this information in the Dell or Intel documentation (the workstation uses Intel C600 chipset).

Thank you.

On a quick check, it looks like the T3600 is typically a single socket Xeon-based system. If that is the case, then my best guess is that peer-to-peer transfers will work. Peer-to-peer is problematic when you must traverse a QPI link (e.g., on dual socket systems), but in your case there should be no QPI and the GPUs should be using the CPU’s PCIe root complex.

That’s what I think, too. But I want to be confident on that before spending my money.

Thank you for your reply.


I finally got my Dell T3600 (actually it is a T3610, but they are almost equal) and I just wanted to confirm that it is possible to directly communicate the two GPUs (peer-to-peer). I ran the simpleP2P sample from the Nvidia CUDA Toolkit and it passed the test.