Peer to peer

I work with:

 1 - Windows 7 Professional - 64 bits;
 2 - Cuda 5.0;
 3 - cusparse and cublas;
 4 - Visual Studio.
 5 - GPU: GTX 690 (2 devices).

In this case, It is possible work with GPUDirect Peer To Peer Transfers And Memory Access?

I tested cudaDeviceCanAccessPeer() for 2 devices and the output was 0. Why it is occurs?


Your system will not support P2P. You need either of the following

1: Linux OS


2: Tesla cards with the TCC drivers installed. I don’t believe the GTX 690 supports the TCC drivers.


I read that Windows XP is possible use peer to peer memory acess and memory copy, such as:

What do I do? I have to install new program?


The post you linked said Windows XP x64, or for that matter any flavor of 64-bit Linux should work. So it is pointing to that you need a different operating system altogether on your PC to get P2P features working.