People Net -

Actually several months ago, I download a public IR dataset and train them with TLT detectnet_v2. The mAP can reach about 80%. So we can not say the peoplenet cannot work for IR images. Just say it May have a lower mAP because the peoplenet is trained with colour images.
For your case, the unpruned peoplenet is sure to train and recognize IR images. You can prepare the data and train. Set the unpruned peoplenet model as pretrained model. It is a good start point to detect people/bag/face.

Okay Thank you so much for clarifying that for me

Its great to hear as I am excited to use the Jetson range.

Would you be able to share a link to the the Dataset? If by public you mean in the public domain

FLIR dataset

@Morganh Are you aware of any dataset resources in the public domain that contain normal RGB images of people annotations ?

You can search it. I did not search previously because it is enough in NV internal.

Got it, thanks.