"People Simulation" (omni.anim.people) speed adjustment in physics setting (240)

I want to use the omni.anim.people (People simulation) method for putting the dynamic walking human in my simulation scene.

For acquiring the imu data to 240hz, I set the physics setting to 240.
In this case, when I use the People Simulation, the human speed looks so fast in my ros bag file.
So I modified this files (e.g. LookAround.skelanim.usda, stand_walk_1.skelanim.usda etc) like below figure.
To make people move slowly, the value of “framesPerSecond” & “timeCodesPerSecond” was changed to 3 (original=30). But It’s slower than before, but still fast like below video.


So, I lowered the value to 1, but in this case, the person’s legs do not move and the movement becomes strange.
If the physics setting is 240, how can I naturally slow down a person using People Simulation?

  • Isaac Simulator version : 2022.2.1
  • physics setting : 240 ( For IMU )

Thank you so much for reading it :)

@rthaker @toni.sm Can you help me? I’m really sorry for tagging you in my questions.
But I eagly await the solution of this problem for my work…
So Could you give me some advices please?

Thank you so much for reading it
Thank you :)

Hi @phr0201 - Can you try the latest Isaac Sim release? and let us know if you still have any questions.