Performance Test finding bottleneck and optimization

I want to make a single-core performance test for Mellanox ConnectX-5 with dpdk-testpmd.

Here are the installed versions of drivers and firmware:
DPDK 21.11
MLNX_OFED_LINUX-5.5- (I am using Centos 8 Stream)
Mellanox Firmware

Hardware Info:
CPU : 2x AMD 7H12 (2.6GHz up to 3.3) with 256GB (DDR4) Memory

Test Setup:
I am using the T-rex traffic generator that uses the below profile :

Generated Traffic info is below:
PPS : 11.74 Mpps
CPS : 437.65 Kcps
BPS : 45.08 Gbps

I found that 60K of 1.2 B packets are discarded (shown as rx_phy_discard_packets). When I decrease the amount of traffic, I can get 0 rx_phy_discard_packets for 20Gbps, but there are various reports showing 0 discarded packets for higher throughput (in terms of pps and bps).

How can I find the bottleneck point to optimize performance?
This is the running command:
./dpdk-testpmd -l 20-24 -n 4 -a 41:00.0 -a 41:00.1 --socket-mem=8192 – --socket-num=0 --burst=64 --txd=8192 --rxd=8192 --mbcache=512 --rxq=1 --txq=1 --nb-cores=1 -i -a --rss-udp --disable-crc-strip --record-core-cycles --record-burst-stats

Thank you

I found my problem, it is about the BIOS settings. Changing to full performance is solved.
Thanks all.


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