Perftest in MLNX_OFED Rev 5.8- LTS - non complaint as per Red Hat Security Advisories

Mellanox OFED drivers compiled from ISO for kernel 4.18.0-372.26.1.el8_6.x86_64 and installed in RHEL 8.6 Server.
Post installation found perftest-4.5-0.18.gfcddfe0.58112.x86_64 in OFED ISO is non complaint as per Red Hat Security Advisories.
Is there any solution/procedure to install compatible perftest version in kernel 4.18.0-372.26.1.el8_6.x86_64 .

$ cat /etc/redhat-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.6 (Ootpa)

$ uname -r

$ lspci -nn -q -s 5d:00
5d:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Mellanox Technologies MT27710 Family [ConnectX-4 Lx] [15b3:1015]
5d:00.1 Ethernet controller [0200]: Mellanox Technologies MT27710 Family [ConnectX-4 Lx] [15b3:1015]

$ ethtool -i eno5np0
driver: mlx5_core
version: 5.8-1.1.2
firmware-version: 14.32.1010 (HP_2690110034)
bus-info: 0000:5d:00.0
supports-statistics: yes
supports-test: yes
supports-eeprom-access: no
supports-register-dump: no
supports-priv-flags: yes

$ dnf updateinfo -q
Updates Information Summary: available
1 Bugfix notice(s)
1 Enhancement notice(s)

$ dnf updateinfo list -q updates bugfix
RHBA-2021:4412 bugfix perftest-4.5-1.el8.x86_64

$ dnf updateinfo list -q updates enhancement
RHEA-2022:2014 enhancement perftest-4.5-12.el8.x86_64

Hello sm.senthilraja,

Welcome, and thank you for posting your inquiry to the NVIDIA Developer Community.

When installation of MLNX_OFED is performed, the install script replaces the OS’s RDMA stack with our own libraries and modules. This is noted in the user manual:

OS-provided utilities, drivers and libraries weren’t compiled against our libraries. The perftest package included with MLNX_OFED and the perftest package included in the OS repository (rhel-8-for-x86_64-baseos-rpms) are very different - though their version numbering is similar.

The RHBA/RHEA advisories (and dnf updateinfo) are assuming the following:

  • The system still runs on the OS-provided RDMA stack
  • The system is using OS-provided/built packages
  • The version number of the package determines whether a package is relevant to that advisory

As the system no longer runs on the OS-provided RDMA stack, the perftest package included with MLNX_OFED is not built against the OS RDMA stack, and the version number is therefore irrelevant, the fixes/enhancements in those RedHat advisories do not apply here.

Instead, the release notes for MLNX_OFED should be consulted in order to track bugfixes:
… and new features/changes:

NVIDIA Enterprise Experience

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