PGI debug was not installed

Hi group,

I have PVF accelerator compiler 13.2 installed. Also I have a Cuda Fortran code I am working on. I wanted to run my code on debug today and it asked me for location for installation CD (error message: pgdebug.exe - No Disk). then it ran, but it is not working properly.

please advice.


All your licenses are PVF/ PVF with Accelerator, so your license gives
you pgdbg, but not the pgdbg gui (User interface). You run it via Visual Studio
on PVF.

The compilers and pgdbg are available as command line tools, when you open
the Start->Programs->PGI Visual Fortran-> Command Shells
Command window. The pgdbg user interface is in the Workstation for Windows downloads, and not the PVF download.

PGI Fortran/C/C++ Workstation for windows gives you an interactive pgdbg gui,
and alos allows you to use PVF.

If your problems are other than the user interface, try installing 13.8 and see if the
problems persist.