pgi fortran 14.9

Hi, I’m new here.
I used to use CUDA C before, but now I have to use CUDA Fortran.
When I try run the examples in “PGI\win64\2014\examples\CUDA-Fortran\CUDA-Fortran-Book\chapter1”, only the “devicequery” can run correctly, others can be compiled, but give me wrong results. For example, when I run “increment”, I get “**** Program Failed ****”. It seems GPU was not working. However, the CUDA C examples correctly run. I have no idea what is wrong.

The compiler is pgi workstation 14.9, the OS is windows 7 x64, and the GPU is GTX 860M.

Does anyone know what is going on?

Hi qijiin21c,

PGI products support the Tesla line of compute devices. Hence we don’t support the Maxwell architecture, which is what is used in your GTX 860M, since there isn’t a Tesla product that uses it.

  • Mat

Oh, I know what’s going on. Thanks a lot!
But will you support Maxwell architecture in future?

While this may change, Maxwell is not currently on our roadmap.

  • Mat

That is a bad news for me.

Thanks a lot.