PhysX 3.3.2 articulation generating bogus contacts against heightfield?

We’ve recently integrated Physx and got our Morpheme integration working against it. Hooray.

I noticed a big slowdown (in debug) whenever we ragdoll a character.

Looking into it a bit, it appears to be generating a lot of extra contact points against the heightfield. The heighfield’s surface is below the character and the thickness is set to -1000. The contact points seem to all be against different triangles in the heightfield, and when I look at it visually, they go straight up in the air. Really peculiar.

I can email more data, including some screenshots and a PVD that exhibits the problem.

Any ideas?

Chris W.

FYI - we tracked down the issue, it was caused by having the contact offset on the shapes set too high. Dropping it from 1m to .02m fixed it.