Pipeline latency measurement: Where is code for NvDsMetaCompLatency terminal output?

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I’d like to get the pipeline process time within my code so that I can do analysis on it.

I can find the code for latency_measurement_buf_prob in deepstream.c which outputs the -->frame<-- latency to the terminal, when you export NV_ENABLE_LATENCY_MEASUREMENT=1. This seems to come from the NvDsFrameLatencyInfo structure in the AppCtx object.

Where is the similar code that outputs to the terminal the pipeline latencies when you set NV_ENABLE_COMPONENT_LATENCY_MEASUREMENT=1?

Which object do I get the NvDsMetaCompLatency structure from so that I can calculate the latencies for each component?



We do not open sourced it.

Which object do I get the NvDsMetaCompLatency structure from so that I can calculate the latencies for each component?

It’s stored as NvDsBatchMeta field batch_user_meta_list, you can by enable environment variable
export NVDS_ENABLE_COMPONENT_LATENCY_MEASUREMENT=1 to get the components latency.

Thanks. The reason I was wanting pipleine latencies is because my Frame latency seems to be a timestamp value, rather than the difference between decode and osd timestamps(?). So this is actually my problem.

In deepstream_app.c line 614 when I include output for latency_info[i].comp_in_timestamp these are all returning 0 (as %lf) when I run the application (which I guess is the reason the latency is such a large figure). I’m using a USB camera, have set [streammux] live_source to 1 and sink sync to 0.

You can check the frame arriving time for each components. which we already implemented, you can get it by enabling above mentioned environt viariables.

Thanks, I’ve done that and here is my output. The component pipelines latencies are working but the frame latency doesnt appear to be…

The latency measurements is mainly for rtsp stream or rtsp camera.

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