Pointer and OpenACC in Fortran


I am trying to use pointer in a Fortran code using OpenACC. I made the following example which seems to work with PGI 12.10. Is it safe to assume that that passing the host adress that way is correct. And that I can use the present directive inside the subroutine ?

In the OpenACC 1.0 document there is the following statment:

In Fortran, array pointers may be specified, but pointer association is not preserved in the device memory.

but I am sure what are the exact implications.
Also I haven’t seen anything about this on the “Proposed Additions For OpenACC 2.0” document.

When looking at the Minfo message I get :
“80, Possible copy in and copy out of pa in call to gpu_routine”
I checked with the cuda profiler and there is actually no copy at execution at this point. But I don’t know what would trigger it.

Here is the code:

! test programme OpenACC 
! this code tests the use
! pointer
module data_field 
  implicit none 
  real*8, target, allocatable :: a(:) 
  real*8, pointer :: pa(:)
END module data_field 

module computation 
  implicit none  

subroutine gpu_routine(nvec,a) 
  integer, intent(in) :: nvec 
  real*8, intent(inout) :: a(nvec)  
  integer :: i,iter

  !DIR$ INLINENEVER gpu_routine

  !$acc data present(a)

  do iter=1,20
  !$acc parallel
  !$acc loop
  do i=1,nvec 
  end do !i 
  !$acc end parallel 
  end do

  !workaround ! acc end data
  !$acc end data 
end subroutine gpu_routine 

end module computation 
program main 
  USE data_field, only: a, pa
  USE computation, only: gpu_routine 
  implicit none 
  integer :: nargs,i,j,k,nt, niter 
  character*10 arg 
  integer :: nvec,nblock 
  real*8 :: rt 
  INTEGER ::  icountnew, icountold, icountrate, icountmax 

  nargs = command_argument_count() 
  if( nargs == 1 ) then 
     call getarg( 1, arg ) 
     read(arg,'(i)') nvec 
     stop('usage ./test n') 


!$acc data create(a)
!$acc parallel
!$acc loop
 do i=1,nvec 
 end do !i 
 !$acc end parallel

 CALL SYSTEM_CLOCK(COUNT=icountold,COUNT_RATE=icountrate,COUNT_MAX=icountmax) 
 do nt=1,niter 
    call gpu_routine(nvec,pa)
 end do 

  !$acc update host(a) 

  !$acc end data 

 rt = ( REAL(icountnew) - REAL(icountold) ) / REAL(icountrate) 
 print*, 'n=', nvec, sum(a) 
  write(*,20) rt*1.0e3/niter 
20 format( ' time/step=', f10.5, ' ms' ) 


end program main



Hi Xavier,

Your code should be fine, It would be a problem if you put “pa” in the data copy or you tried to update “pa”, then the association between “pa” and “a” would not be preserved. As you have it now, “a” is copied to the device. Since “present” is address associative and “pa” falls within the same host address range as “a”, present is able to associate pa to a’s data.

Hope this helps,