Pointer of local variable can not be send to nested kernel?

global void B(float3* pointer)
pointer; // address is 0xxxxxxff7800, content is empty rather than f3
global void A()

float3 f3[3] = {…}; // f3 address is: 00ff7800
B<<<1, 1>>>(f3); // wht can not do this?

but the guide says parent kernel exits after all sub-kernel exiting. why the local memory f3 seems released?

9.2.2. Memory Model
Parent and child grids share the same global and constant memory storage, but have distinct local and shared memory.

You cannot share pointers to local variables between kernels.

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Alternatives are to use global memory (possibly with a call-specific index)
or to call __device__ functions instead of other __global__ sub-kernels from your kernel.