Preparing the SBK Key and DK(KEK)/ODM Fuses

Hi, everyone,
I want to Establish a secure boot system, I follow Secureboot Preparing the SBK Key and DK(KEK)/ODM Fuses, how to generating these key .can tell me how to generating that? THANKS!

hello ndy83107,

just create a file to assign the keys, the file content is maintain by yourself, then you should covert the file into xml file.
for example,

$ cat sbk.xml

note, the documentation you’ve point-out is based-on r32.3, which is quite old release version.
please check Jetson Linux | NVIDIA Developer for the latest NVIDIA® Jetson™ Linux Driver Package. it’s now r32.6.1

Hi,JerryChang Thanks for your reply,
I just
1.make a xml file and asssign random big-endian hexadecimal format.
2.file name use sbk.xml
3.follow documentation operate burn efuse
Is my understanding wrong?

hello ndy83107,

just double confirm you’re working on the L4T release version with the same version secureboot package.
for example,
if you’re based-on L4T, r32.6.1 release, please also take the secureboot_r32.6.1_aarch64.tbz2 for the deployment.

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