Problem while run object detection on image folder

Hi Nvidia team,
I am using deepstream-imagedata-multistream app in DS-5 python, I want to run this app on image folder so how should I process please help. My use case is I want to run object detection on images stored in folder and want to crop them using peoplenet and redaction app according to the b-box coordinate so that I can use that data set in TLT-V2 for training image classification model. please help me out. or if there is any other application available in DeepStream which can work according to use case so please let me know.

Hi @solanki.pritam.srs,
Could you help provide your setup informantion like below?

• Hardware Platform : T4
• DeepStream Version: 5.0 without docker
• TensorRT Version: 7.0
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version: 440.64

Could you take a look if can meet your requirement?