Problem with atomicAdd.

When try to use the atomicAdd() function, i got this error:
identifier “AtomicAdd” is undefined
I’m using the Visual Studio 2008, an Windows 7 with an Geforce 450.
I’ve used the headers:
What is the problem? How can I correct it??
Thanks for all.


Maybe compile with sm 1.1, sm 1.2 sm 1.3 or sm 2.0 cause sm 1.0 has not atomic support.

How can i do that?

How can i compile with cuda 2.0?

Need to read programming documentation, it comes with sdk and toolkit.

I read it.

I solved it!

I had problems with visual studio configuration.

Thanks for all.

can you post the solution?

I tried in VS2008 using the template for histogram, but plugging in my code, it still says AtomicAdd undefined.



Project->Properties->Configuration Properties->CUDA Runtime API->GPU

Set GPU Architecture(1) to sm_20

Execuse me barant , I followed the steps but the atomic doesn’t work :(
It didn’t give me error but it also effect the results of other statements

How is that ?!