Problems Setting Up Nvidia Jetracer

I’m not able to set up the wireless connection to my network from the Nano. After entering this command, sudo nmcli device wifi connect <ssid_name> password , it’s asking me for another response which I have no idea what it is or if I’m doing something wrong. Attached is a screen shot of where I’m stalled. Any help would be appreciated.
Screenshot 2020-10-23 211906


I am not a “wifi” guy, but it is prompting you for more input because part of your last command had special characters in the password and lack of escaping or quoting caused those characters to be interpreted rather than being passed literally. You used a screenshot instead of copy and paste, so I am somewhat guessing the following change would be useful:

  • Don’t use 6e5MgwF3[|5gCR"
  • Do use either:
    • '6e5MgwF3[|5gCR"' # (single quote)
    • 6e5MgwF3\[\|5gCR\" # [backslash to force shell characters to be taken literally]

I do not know if the backslashes are correct, but you can use an echo to see what is really passed:

  • echo 6e5MgwF3[|5gCR" # (original)
  • echo '6e5MgwF3[|5gCR"' # (quoted)
  • echo 6e5MgwF3\[\|5gCR\" # (backslash escape)

Thanks for the help. I ended up doing two things, deleted the " and used the '. It can now be reached via the web IP address.