Problems when compiling with optimizations on AMD64


We’re currently trying to compile RAMS (Regional Atmospheric Modeling System) on an AMD64 with SuSE 9.2, using Portland Group Compiler v5.2 that we’ve purchased. A test case provided runs completely when RAMS is compiled without optimizations, but generates a segmentation fault after a while when RAMS is compiled with optimizations.

One of our main problems is that we require speed. Running RAMS unoptimized doubles our execution time.

How can we proceed?

Best regards,
Francisco Matamala
EnviroModeling Ltd.


Which optimization switches are you trying?

Please also consider trying a newer version of the compiler. The current version number is 6.0-4. You can evaluate it for free to make sure everything compiles and runs correctly with optimization.



Thanks for your help. We downloaded the latest PG Fortran and compiled RAMS with all optimization options, and it ran fine, with no segmentation faults. We’re currently preparing to purchase an upgrade to the newest version.

Thanks again for your help,
Francisco Matamala
EnviroModeling Ltd.