Programming the Entire Data Center Infrastructure with the NVIDIA DOCA SDK

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Today, in his NVIDIA GTC Fall keynote, CEO Jensen Huang introduced a new kind of processor, the BlueField-2 data processing unit (DPU), a powerful new software development kit for the DPU, DOCA, along with a three year roadmap of DPU and AI innovation. The NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU is the world’s first data center infrastructure on…

Hi everyone! The NVIDIA DOCA team is looking forward to working with you to support integration with and programming of the NVIDIA BlueField family of DPUs. Please let us know how you would like to program the DPUs (SDN, storage, security, remote management, or all of the above) and which APIs or toolkits you’d like to use.

Hello, I’m a postgraduate student and I am intertesred in boosting storage performance with NVIDIA DPU. I applied for DOCA SDK early access a few days ago with my school email and the site shows ‘Approval pending’. Can I get an approval to do further research? My work is used for reaseach only and does not raise any ethical issues.

Thank you for your interest in DOCA, DOCA developer SDK first release for early access is not available yet, we will let you know once it is available.
In the meanwhile I would recommend to download the BlueField package located in the downloader and review the SPDK framework and storage features which are accelerated on the BlueFIeld DPU, you’ll be able to use SPDK to accelerate your storage application with the DPU.

We will be keen to learn which type of acceleration you considered to use and what APIs or drivers you will find useful for your development.

today our distributor confirmed that we will get the first delivery of ConnectX-6DX SmartNICs by the end of this week. We want to start the integrating the SmartNICs in our appliances as soon as possible, therefore we are very eager to get the DOCA SDK in our hands. Do you have an official timeline when the SDK will be available? If not, where can we apply for early access besides ? Thank you!

Dear Gernot,
Thanks for reaching out, we share your excitement about starting your journey with SmartNICs.
DOCA developer SDK first release for early access is not available yet, we will let you know once it is available and it’s coming soon.

I’d like to emphasize that at the moment DOCA SDK is only supported for our DPUs, in the case of ConnectX-6Dx please refer to our OFED package information on the web and our support teams will be happy to assist you with integration and trying out all the networking, security and storage accelerators we offer.

Let us know if you have any further questions and hoping to see you join the DOCA community once starting to use our DPUs.