Quadro M2000 - DVI/DP combo Version Possible?

The new Quadro M2000 provides 4 DisplayPort connectors; however, our simulation application requires at least 1 DVI connector.

Back when the Quadro 2000 was first released, it did not come with a DVI connector… however, due to “popular demand”, NVidia released the successful Quadro 2000D variant, which provided one DVI connector, in addition to a DisplayPort connector… I’m wondering if NVidia is planning on releasing a M2000D variant, which like the existing Quadro K2200 (and previously the K2000) card, has 1 DVI and 2 DisplayPort connectors? (So we can use it with the existing cables designed into our simulation systems).

I have no idea if nVidia is going to release a DVI-D equipped M2000D variant but from what I gather the industry is pushing for the abandonment of obsolete technology such as DVI-D in favour of the adoption of successive versions of Display Port which can handle the ever increasing resolutions of modern monitor designs which industry is gravitating to.

I’d expect that what you’ll have to look for is either an older Quadro card or a DVI-D DL (2560x1600) active adapter–which actually works…

[i]"…A notable limitation of dual-mode is that it can only transmit single-link DVI (and HDMI), as the number of pins in the DisplayPort connector is insufficient for dual-link connections. As a result, an active converter is needed for Dual-Link DVI and analog component video such as VGA. Some of these active adapters can rely on the +3.3 V wire in the DisplayPort connector for the conversion, but other types of active conversion, such as Dual-Link DVI, require external power that is often pulled from an available USB port.[29]

VESA anticipates that HDMI and DVI conversion will eventually be handled by active adapters which act as DisplayPort Sink devices, in order to facilitate easier updates to latest HDMI and DisplayPort specs, and work with dual-link HDMI, DisplayPort connections with either fewer than 4 lanes or different data rates, and multiple DisplayPort streams. It should be noted that DVI 1.0 spec was finalized in 1999 and the DVI industry consortium has since disbanded, so future updates to DVI specification are unlikely; also, although dual-link HDMI Type B connector is defined in the HDMI specification, it has not seen any practical use as of 2012…"[/i]

DisplayPort - Wikipedia
[url]DisplayPort - Wikipedia

I could only find PNY Display Port to DVI-D SL (1920x1200) adapters…

SONNAM COMPUTERS - PNY DisplayPort to DVI Cable - DisplayPort/DVI Video Cable - 10" - 030-0173-000

SONNAM COMPUTERS - PNY DisplayPort to DVI Adapter - DisplayPort Digital Audio/Video, DVI - DP-DVI-QUADKIT-PB

…along with a short list of displayport.org approved Display Port to DVI-D SL (1920x1200) passive and active adapters:

Products Database - DisplayPort

Oops! 'Spoke too soon. Here’s a suitable candidate - if one is using supported HP gear - from the above displayport.org list whose link was broken:


Hardware compatibility

The HP DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI-D Adapter supports the products listed below if they have a DisplayPort connector in the back of the system or if they have a graphics card installed that has a DisplayPort connector. DisplayPort outputs are sometimes notated by the DP++ icon. This adapter is supported on the following HP products: HP Compaq dx2390 Microtower, HP Compaq dx2400 Microtower, HP Compaq dx2450 Microtower, HP Compaq dx7400 Microtower, HP Compaq dx7500 Microtower, HP Compaq dx7500 Small Form Factor, HP Compaq dc5800 Microtower, HP Compaq dc5850 Microtower, HP Compaq dc7800 Convertible Minitower, HP Compaq dc7900 Small Form Factor, HP Compaq dc7900 Convertible Minitower, HP Compaq dc7900 UltraSlim Desktop, HP Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower, HP Compaq 6000 Pro Small Form Factor, HP Compaq 6005 Pro Microtower Business PC, HP Compaq 6005 Pro Small Form Factor Business Desktop PC HP xw4600, xw9400, Z400, Z600 and Z800 Workstations NOTE: Not all models are available in all regions.

Converts the DisplayPort connector on an HP Compaq Business Desktop computer or HP Workstation to a dual link DVI port.


Converts a graphics card’s DisplayPort output to dual link DVI

Resolution up to 2560x1600

Supports all HP monitors that feature dual link DVI interface, including the HP LP3065 30-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

Latching DP connector for a secure connection


0.375 lb

What’s included


The DisplayPort to dual link DVI-D Adapter has either a one-year limited warranty or the remainder of the warranty of the HP product in which it is installed. Technical support is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, by phone, as well as online support forums. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply.

What’s in the box

HP DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI-D Adapter

HP DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI Adapter (NR078AA) | HP® United States