Quadro P5000 Sync II random resolutions every reboot

I have a PC cluster composed by six PCs and six projectors to accomplish a virtual reality cave project. Each PC has been installed one Nvidia Quadro P5000 and one card Sync II.
I followed the instructions exposed in the following user guide:https://images.nvidia.com/content/quadro/product-literature/user-guides/Quadro-Sync-II-User-Guide.pdf because I need that the framerate of my graphic application will be completely synchronized in all PCs. I need a resolution 2560 x 1600. I have connected the P5000 with the projectors using a 15 meters display port fibre wire (projectors specs DP 1.2 standard is used). When I reboot my PC cluster some PC randomly:

  • It did not show any image.
  • It did not recognise the projector: Nvidia control panel shows “Nvidia digital display” or “Digital display”.
  • Nvidia control panel shows that the projector is connected using a VGA connector.
  • Nvidia control panel do not show any option or setting entries.
  • The PC presents random resolutions.

On the 50% of the reboots the whole system run properly. Trying to fix it, I did a clean installation of the drivers 412 and 442. I am using the windows 10 version 1909 18363.476. I have tried with a 2560x1600 resolution regular screen and the same problem happened.

I am willing to receive any suggestion or advice.

Hi edu8rio,

If you are still having issues can you email us at quadrosvs@nvidia.com and we can look into the problems.

I suspect that the display port link training is failing - either because the extender and/or the projector are not powered on at reboot.