Quadro vs Geforce

I plan to analyse and run predictive and prescriptive analytics using python and deep learning using tensorflow. I am considering Dell precision 7730 with either 16GB Quadro P5200 or 8GB P4200 which has a large memory of >64GB RAM. Alternatively, I was considering Dell Alienware with 8GB 1070OC and 32GB max memory. I would be using the laptop for mobility reasons and I wont be staying at a particular place. Please advise the use of Quadro vs Geforce for deep learning and Data Science.

Don’t consider consumer overclocked cards for serious data processing. There is a risk of getting some computational errors.

Some of the Quadro series cards feature ECC memory. Generally the build quality and durability of Quadro cards is expected to be better. Quadro cards may offer better configurability of clock speeds through nvidia-smi (setting application and memory clocks explicitly)

The only “consumer” type card I would strongly recommend for deep learning is the Titan-V as it features the Tensor cores that no other affordable card currently offers.