question about block execution


I just have a small question that should be pretty easy to answer for you guys.

Since the manual says that it is not guarantied what block is handled when, I was just wondering if i at least can say that the block 0 is always part of the initial blocks running on the device.
I am working on some ideas where it might be essential to know the ID of one of the blocks that are running initially.

how does the scheduling of the blocks work? are the blocks selected randomly from a pool of blocks or do they start with consecutive IDs and later during runtime the order might differ according to which block is done and gets replace first one whatever multiprocessor?

as I said, what i found in the documentation just says that the execution order of the blocks is not guaranteed.

thanks a lot

As the programming guide suggests, you should not rely on any block execution order. There are a number of things that influence the scheduler at run-time, so even if one observes a pattern, there’s no guarantee that the pattern will always be the same.

What is your use-case? Would it be a “broadcast” from one block (say, 0) to the rest?