Question about the boot order in UEFI (5.0.2)

I tried flashing my production module with attached NVMe disk.
I got unexpected results with the three step flashing process:

    ROOTFS_AB=$AB $L4T_DIR/tools/kernel_flash/ --no-flash ${BOARDNAME%-nvme}-qspi internal

    ROOTFS_AB=$AB $L4T_DIR/tools/kernel_flash/ --no-flash \
    --external-device nvme0n1 \
    -S $SIZE \
    --showlogs \
    -c $L4T_DIR/bootloader/t186ref/cfg/$EMMC_CFG \
    --external-only --append $BOARDNAME external

This always resulted in the device booting from the emmc.
I always thought you decide which device is booted into by setting the argument in the flash command.

But now I see that during flash, the argument is set to mmcblk0p1 despite it being set to nvme0n1 in the command.

Could it be that I do not influence the boot order by any parameter I append to the script?
To me it now seems like the mmcblk0p1 always is preferred to the nvme?

Thus Iā€™d have to erase the esp partition from my emmc to actually boot from the NVMe?

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Please enter the UEFI shell when you boot and manage the boot device there.

Hey @WayneWWW

I quite expected that the flashing process would handle this?

Afaik the production modules will ship with a preinstalled emmc image.
So if we flash the qspi and the NVMe in factory we have to attach every single board with serial console and enter the UEFI to change the boot order?

That does not seem very practical for production?

I mean you can try it first. Not means you have to use it for every production.

Hey @WayneWWW

I have tested it again for you:

Test 1

  • Use to flash qspi and emmc
  • Use to flash nvme only according to workflow #1
    ā†’ The system boots from emmc

Test 2

  • Use to flash qspi and emmc
  • Use to flash qspi and NVMe according to workflow #4
    ā†’ The system boots from emmc

After both, go into UEFI, change the boot options to have NVMe on top.
ā†’ The system boots from NVMe

For Test 1 this is expected.
For Test 2 I would expect the flash tool to preconfigure the UEFI boot options so that modules can be used out of the box after flashing without the need to attach them to a serial console.

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