Questions about applying Genetic Programming on GPU

Hi there, I am very very new to this community. I have read many research papers about the benefits of running Genetic Programming on GUP. Since my coding experience with GPU is zero, I am curious if anyone here can share a piece of code as my starting point. I can get GP running on CPU, but not on GPU. I am not sure how to parse an evolved individual in tree format as a shader program and how to read the data into GPU. Any inputs are valuable! Thanks!

This is outside my area of expertise. Have you tried an internet search for relevant code? If so, what were the results? A ten-second query finds this project, for example:
GPU Accelerated Genetic Programming using the SBB framework

I wouldn’t be able to tell whether this is any good, or suitable for a particular purpose, but it should at least be able to give you some ideas how it could be done. Here is another project:
A Genetic Programming platform for Python with GPU support

Thank you so much! They are exactly what I am looking for. I tried to google it before posting here… I am not sure how you did it, but my search did not give me what I want. Thank you very much!

In general GitHub is a good place to search for open source software. Beyond that my search terms were simply “genetic programming” and “GPU”, so no special Google-fu was required.