R/W speeds significantly low in Drive, compared to direct access to/from Disk

As the title suggests, today I migrated my complete production assets to Drive for use in Nucleus, keeping everything in one place and all.

Now when I try to open a .zpr file which is a 1.800MB ZBrush Project, it takes around 50 seconds to read and doing save as back to Nucleus Server, Drive (O:) library path, It exactly took 55seconds to write.
Same project file save as to Desktop takes 12seconds to write…

Also while doing a copy/paste same file or any other file, from localhost:3090 (O): to C:/usr/Desktop there is about 7-10 seconds delay/momentary freeze before it starts transfer.

I tried disabling Cache and Thumbnail service without luck, 55seconds still.
Is it just the ZBrush files or same 40seconds difference in USD,FBX or any other asset I don’t know.

-Win11, 2080Ti, i9 7900X, Samsung Pro 980 m2 for system and another one for Omniverse.
-ZBrush 2022.5

What could be the cause?
Thank you

So I decided to move everything back from omniverse drive to another local disk, copy/paste a folder that has lots of .PSD .TIFF in it resulted in very slow transfer speeds going as low as 90KB/s.

While downloading same folder from web gui(nucleus navigator?), it converts to .zip file and downloads at fast expected speeds without problem.

So I’m thinking there must be a problem with read/write speeds when using Drive locally via File Explorer.

Hello @anildevran! Welcome to the community! I need to reach out to the development team for more help regarding this. I will post back when I have more information. Appreciate you letting us know!

Any updates on this? I’ve got problems too, the Internet connections of both the Nucleus and my PC are great, but most of the time it doesn’t upload at all (0b/s), and soemtimes it reaches speeds up to 100kb/s.