RAID storage on DGX-Station

Hi NVIDIA team,

Please let me confirm the following question.

Can we use the RAID0 memory on DGX-Station as NFS storage?

We would like to put the learning data for deep learning on this memory from other PC and WSs.
And I know that NVIDIA provides the following user’s guide but I could not understand whether we can use this memory as NFS storage.

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Yes you can use the DGX Station as an NFS server by following the Ubuntu instructions at .

A couple things to keep in mind though:

  1. Your data is on RAID0 as you stated, which means it's optimized for being fast but not reliable. If you are sharing data that other systems rely on, you should consider converting to RAID5 so that a drive failure on the "server" DGX Station won't lost the data. See for how to do this.
  2. The more common way to achieve what you are asking about is to put the data on a dedicated NFS storage appliance (there are a large number to choose from, ranging from relatively inexpensive ones like a QNAP to large enterprise systems from the likes of NetApp and Pure Storage). This lets you have important data in a single location which can be backed up, etc. and frees the DGX Station up for use as a workstation - meaning use of it won't impact access to the data (e.g., if you want to reboot it, keep the array as RAID0, etc.).

For a quick-and-dirty sharing of data, the DGX Station can certainly be setup as an NFS server. For continued operation, I’d recommend looking into a storage appliance to hold your data.

Hi Scott-san,

Thank you for your kinds response! I got it.

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