Read n-way bank conflict in Nsight Compute

Can I know how many-way bank conflict it is from Nsight Compute? I can’t see a metric called n-way bank conflict or similar in the Memory Workload Analysis section.

I was told it’s better to ask this in Nsight Compute Forum

Memory Tables.

But it doesn’t tell how many way bank conflict there is. It says the total number of bank conflicts but not like, say for example , the code has 4-way bank conflict or a 16-way bank conflict.

Currently we don’t have a metric that would give this information. It’s only aggregated at the kernel level.

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Can I say shared_load_transactions_per_request metric tells about the how many way bank conflict there is? For example, if shared_load_transactions_per_request = 1, then there are no bank conflicts since there is exactly one memory transaction per each shared memory load access. If shared_load_transactions_per_request = 2 then there are 2 memory load transactions happening per request, hence 2-way bank conflict. Do you think this reasoning is logical?

The shared_load_transactions_per_request metric is not related to bank conflicts. It’s for memory transactions that result in multiple requests, usually due to poor access patterns/spatial locality or alignment. Based on your post, we’ve actually been working on a new metric that should provide the information you’re looking for. It’s not planned in the next release, but should be in the one after that.