Real Time HDR with IMX219 and Jetson Nano


I want to obtain real time HDR from an IMX219 camera (Raspberry Pi camera V2) using the GPU in Jetson Nano. The desired frame rate would be 30FPS, and the camera would be mounted in a vehicle moving at slow speed (5 km/h, 3.1 mph max.) outdoors.

I see there are different algorithms to implement HDR, and also different software libraries that could be used, e.g., VisionWorks, VPI, NPP, OpenCV-CUDA.

My question is, which HDR algorithms and software libraries would be the best to solve this problem using the Jetson Nano?

Any help is very appreciated.

You may need to triage them. However I think the best way is get sensor module that support HDR instead of software HDR.
You can consult with camera partner for HDR sensor module.