Regarding IBTA Transport protocol


While going over the protocol stack of RoCEv2 online,

I came across the fact that above the UDP, there is an IBTA - InfiniBand Transport Protocol layer. I believe that RoCE leverages the Ethernet and IP/UDP headers to encapsulate IBTA packets for transport over Ethernet networks. Is it possible to open a socket in the IBTA Transport protocol layer by any chance? Like how we build TCP sockets? I am quite not able to understand how exactly data that we write in a RDMA application goes through each layer in the ROCEv2 stack and reaches the receiver side NIC. Is there someone who could answer this question?

Hi subitshatlk2001,

RoCE and RoCEv2 are described in Infiniband Specification - annex A16 and A17:

Courses are also available on the NVIDIA academy which go in depth with examples - recommend reviewing the RoCE A-to-Z course, as well as the Fundamentals of RDMA Programming - linked below:

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I am a student currently Pursuing Masters. Looks like I need to be a member of the IBTA association to access this. Can you help me with this?

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