Registered developer program terms of use

I am not able to accept this agreement whenever I click ‘I Accept’. It takes me back to the sign-in page and I have to sign in again. It is like an infinite look.

Hello, Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums. Are you using a different account than the one you used to post here? Can you please share a screenshot of the page where you click “I accept”?

No I am using same account. Let me share a video as an ss wont convey the issue.

Any update?

Sorry, I don’t have access to that file. Your account seems to be working, as you are able to log into the forums, so I do not fully understand the issue here. I will forward this to the team that manages the account creation and TOS.

Hi @azlaanranjha2003,

We show that you accepted the ToS on Tue, 10 Jan 2023. I suggest that you try clearing your browser cache and cookies or try another browser.


Ok I will try to do that and get back to you. Also i will allow access to that video. As it shows the situation and you will better understand thr situation.

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Access has been given to you. For the google drive

Thank you so much. It worked.

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