Render some image using nvxio::Render hangs

I have written a small application which captures some images using Argus, do some processing using VisionWorks and should display the result using the nvxio window renderer. Without the renderer, the processing loop runs well. Unfortunately, when I enable the rendering, the program hangs after 2 or 3 frames in the rendering call. This only happens on the Jetson, the same code runs on a PC flawlessly.

So, what could be the reason for this deadlock?

Btw.: I compiled NVXIO on my own, because I also got some linking errors using the pre-installed version as described in this thread:

Hi hesmar,

I’m also trying to capture frames with Argus and to display them using VisionWorks Render.
Could you maybe share with me a part of your code, where you transfer the frame’s data to a vx_image ?

My render doesn’t work at all, I also published a post yesterday:

Sorry if I’m disrupting a bit your post.

Hi YassineH,

I use the array pointers from the frame to create an vx_image of type VX_DF_IMAGE_IYUV:

void * ptrs[] = { eglFrame.frame.pArray[0], eglFrame.frame.pArray[1], eglFrame.frame.pArray[2] };
vx_image vxImage = vxCreateImageFromHandle(m_vxContext, VX_DF_IMAGE_IYUV, NULL, ptrs, NVX_MEMORY_TYPE_CUDA_ARRAY);

After that, I can convert it to RGB using vxuColorConvert function.


Sorry for the late reply.
Could you share the source code or error message for us further investigation?

The linking error you mentioned has fixed in current JetPack.
It is recommended to download Visionworks package again and re-install it.

I have verified the sample ‘nvx_demo_feature_tracker’ of Visionworks, rendering goes well.
Could you also give it a try?


I’m out of office for 2 months, I will share my code as soon as I come back.
Thanks for your advice.