Reset nvtracker counter

Is there any way to reset the nvtracker value after reaching a certain value in DS 3.0?

Do you mean tracker id ?

Hi Chris, you are right. I wish to reset the tracker id.

Can you share why you need to reset tracking ID ?

resetting the tracking ID may be needed when object-id becomes more than the limit 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, this situation may arise for continuously running surveillance cameras.

For example 100 tracking ids per second, over 40 billion years it’s possilbe to be overflow


I have opened a similar issue Reset nvDsAnalytics counters and nvTracker counter, Python

I understand the unique id wont overflow but we are happy with the counters starting from 0,1,2 … N but N needs to go back to 0 the following day, the same with any analytics line crossings etc.

Im sure this can be accomplished with knowing the previous days ending point, but then we need to modify the metadata per object per stream.

Regards Andrew