Riva Intermittent errors on Jetpack 6.0

Hi, I have a brand new AGX Orin 64GB. I have followed the instructions here, but when I generate TTS within the docker container after getting Riva started successfully (no errors), I get the following intermittent error, seemingly randomly:

Error: Triton model failed during inference. Error message: Streaming timed out

When I retry, it works sometimes.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @guitargice, if you are using streaming TTS, I believe that is a known issue with Riva Release 2.15:


  • The first Riva TTS call after riva_start.sh results in longer latency, and can throw a timeout error on some GPUs. Subsequent calls will exhibit normal latency.

Hi Dusty! Wow that was an insanely quick response. Thank you! Sorry for missing a known issue, appreciate the tip.

Oh yea no worries, it should be fixed in the next release. I did get XTTS working which I am using in the meantime.

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