ROS Kinetic for Drive CX without installing mesa packages?

Hi, I am working on fetching the pre-built ROS binaries (ros-kinetic-desktop, to be precise) onto Ubuntu 16.04 - ARM. However, I do not want to install the mesa package set that ros packages use as my system already has NVIDIA’s implementation of openGL. I tried to purge the mesa packages and install ROS, but it did not work. Another idea I had was to remove mesa packages after installing ros and that would simply remove my entire ros. Could someone please let me know how this issue can be resolved. Thank you.

Hello lelouchkaneki,

We plan to provide a ROS-K guideline doc following an upcoming release of the PDK.
Could you please check ROS-Kinetic installation on DPX2 with an upcoming release of the PDK?
Next PDK will be released in Arpil and the ROS installsation guideline will be included in the PDK. Thanks.

Hi lelouchkaneki,

i installed the bare bone kinetic ros without any problems.
Maybe its easier to go from that and post-install the required pkgs.

please tell me if you have any further achivements with ROS and Drive. Thanks

Hi. How were you able to install it excluding the MESA packages that install along? Because the “rviz” package has a dependency on MESA and fetches them during ROS installation.

Hi, simply because the bare bone version of ros does not include rviz.
If we want to visualize anything we connect an additional computer (with full ros installation) and do it there.